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To get from one point to the other, some kind of movement is needed. The ship or boat is a vessel used by humankind throughout time to travel, transport, capture and flee.
A group of children navigate on a big square inside a boat-shaped box, neither seeing nor knowing where to go. This is a different kind of journey depicting a limbo, a vacuum before something happens or some kind of an odyssey. Where does this animal live? one child asked.
The work consists of this event filmed from two perspectives, one inside filmed by the children and one seen from the outside. The two starting points talk about positions and reality.

Much of my work can be read as an expression of a wayward voice; art as an independent channel. I work with creating engaging video works, examining video art's relation to space, interpreting and challenging artistic collaborations, within established art contexts as well as in contexts where contemporary art has not previously existed.
Often it has about collective creative processes. I am interested in how locatin and history affect the individual; realised through video works, installations and workshops, from which aspects are often integrated into final pieces.
Last year I made a video work, Nobody Lives Here Anymore, in collaboration with an actor and a musician financed by Cost-Intensive Projects. It was my first dramatised work and played with documentary storytelling, it has been shown on a big scene in Kungsängen's cultural center. For my solo exhibition at Gallery 54 in Gothenburg 2017, I created works in collaboration inspired by the early video art collectives. In 2018 I was one of ten artists at the Fokus festival in Copenhagen where the works were exhibited at Nicolaj Kunsthal. I participated in Tempo documentary festival and Now & After video festival in Moscow. In 2017 the collaboration Carousell presented our work in an exhibition at the Konstnärshuset and in 2018 we made a publication on the collaboration. My most important work that arose through the collaboration is Image of a Traitor, a video work that describes the meeting with a friend of the family and a return to my powerlessness as a child in relation to Nazism. The work has been shown at, among others, the Oberhausen Film Festival 2018. 2016-17 I was project manager for Practice Based Clinic against Censorship with support from SI and Iaspis with artists from Turkey and Sweden with the theme of censorship and artistic freedom that laid the foundation for an exhibition at Marabou Park.

I run Contemporary Art in Bro and three workplace art associations at different preschools where I invite artists to hold separate exhibitions with support from the Swedish Art Society.
Upcoming solo exhibitions in Sweden in 2019 are the Sparbankshallen in Bromölla and Tegen 2 in Stockholm.

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