1 – 30 June: Alice Máselníková, Those small stilled moments
Ice cream eater
Sofa variations
Stead couple study II
Ball games
(Only) on my carpet
Common struggle
Distorted self portraits

Those moments so still and fragile you could snap them between your fingers.

If they were not already gone,

or too fleeting to notice,

or never there.

The presented works are a part of an ongoing introspective series on intimacy, chronic pain and the intersection of the two. It is an attempt at capturing a certain sort of Grand Nostalgia, a nostalgia not only for things passed but also for things that have never been.

The figurative works combine the visualisation of real people and imagined bodies who found their way into the intimate space, depicting the figure in its fragile state of being, surrounded by a distinct longing for Something.
The figures appear alone, even if surrounded by others or in pairs, pondering the idea of intimacy as tied to the hovering vision of loneliness or detachment or who knows what.

Somewhere in there lures the chronic pain, softly feeding off the dual state of the body becoming something crude and damaged when subject to pain, whilst at the same time being aware of a kind of poetic beauty of suffering being inflicted.

A bed perhaps makes an appearance as a place of encounter of all of the above.

In her artistic practice Alice sources inspiration from poetry, Greek mythology, real life and life imagined.

Alice Máselníková:

Those small stilled moments

1 – 30 June 2021