And That is Why You Never Swallow Bubble Gum

Roberto Ekholm

14 – 29 March 2020

For this exhibition Roberto Ekholm brings new sculptural works to the Glitter Ball project space to turn it into a sculptural landscape reminiscent of a holistic space. Barbell weights, resistance bands, and exercise balls are relieved of functionality in this new context but tied to a performative notion. They recall minimalist aesthetics where material, colour and textures gain a meditative power as well as a sense of tension and a sexual subtext. Working with ready-made and fabrication, as well as casting and painting, a new set of meanings are produced for these objects.

The exhibition pushes Ekholm’s practice into new developments: his performance background is explored in his choice of material and sculptural compositions, and alongside this his use of colour and textures has a painterly quality. His new work encourages us to linger on the details and wonder how they inform us about our relation to materials and the space they occupy.


POSTPONED (2020 03 17)

Due to the current international health situation the fair has been postponed. We thank Supermarket for acting responsibly and look forward to particpating in the fair later in the year.

Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Glitter Ball showroom & projects is pleased to announce that they have been selected as one of the fair's 'professional network participants'.  We will be at the fair for the full four days on a programme of presentations, meetings, and events, all of which develops of our network of local, national and international contacts and collaborations.

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