Building as Amplifier
Pavel Matveyev

Work in progress presentation, 12 – 3pm Saturday 19 March 2022

Pavel writes:

The work is based on a diary that I kept while visiting a complex of abandoned industrial building in the Uppland area. My visits started in October 2020 and spanned a year. The diary notes and the photographs were then sent to my friend and artist Tan Kim. They became a series of improvised voice recordings that were made during a period of illness.

A narrative appears; a person sending voice messages to their absent lover during a pandemic with the backdrop of looming environmental crisis.

Pavel’s artistic practice investigates our relationships to place. He is drawn to buildings such as abandoned country estates, former industrial premises, and isolated wooden barns. The specific building is less important than the emotional responses that they provoke. To connect with these buildings Pavel makes interventions: from subtle and quiet action like scratching the surface of a barn to re-staging an old photo with a group of friends in a former sawmill. These interventions are integral to the work.

Pavel Matveyev is a visual and sound artist living and working in Karlholmsbruk. He was the recipient of the Swedish Arts Grants Artist’s Award 2020, and also received their Project Award in 2018.  Recent exhibitions include The First Water, Fundación Mutua Levante, Alcoy, Spain, and Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape, Tierp, Sweden.  His work is in the public collections of Gävle Council, Tierp Council, and the Public Art Agency Sweden.  Pavel graduated from Konstfack, Stockholm in 2012.